Settled on the right side,

looking outside from me

jumping to the top

my pray was full of sheet

I like mirrors you can fit

I will play with a ball

rit. and i will find youuu, you will find meee 2v

it doesn't matter who you are who i'm

it's not the city with his doors

it's not a wall or the time

it's not the speed of fucking world

is just your smile 2v

rit. Cause i will find you aaaa, you will find me aaaaa 2v

aaaaaaaaaa 1g solo violin 1g

and no more questions or intentions

and no more tricks or wills

and no more thinkings or just doubts

this is what i don't need

rit. Cause i will find you, you will find mee 2v

ricoprirò il tuo volto con i, segni di un'aurora

sentirò lo sbaglio per una, vita troppo sola

sentirò il peso di una poca umanità

cercherò redemption dentro meeeee

dentro di teeeeeee, dentro di meeeee e eeeeee

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